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“KHARAYSIN” extracted from the historic Greek olive, it produces a bold extra virgin olive oil with a complex taste that has a high amount of polyphenols that make pleasant bitterness of the oil stand out. It takes on a robust flavour.

The farm is located on the path of the Hijaz Railway and the station there had a man that sells coffee; hence the name "Gahawji" which means coffee boy in Arabic



Health Benefits

  • Cold Pressed olives produces the highest percentage of natural antioxidants and preserves the most delicate components of the fruit.

  • High Vitamin "E" since olives are harvested when they are still green.

  • We use vented crates, and press the olives within 6 hours of harvest to ensure low acidity levels

Man Holding Olives

Nurturing & Picking

The olives we used in this oil are 100% Local Roman, this ensures a beautiful authentic taste.

The trees have been nurtured and taken care of by generations of farmers, who have passed their passion for the land and trees through out the generations.

During picking season families from the near by villages join us in this process, just like their grandparents did.


85% of the electrical energy used in the farms and oil presser is produced from solar panels

water efficient watering systems are used in the farms


The farms and olive presser annually save:

  • 3,820,480KG of CO2

  • 412.04KG of NOx

  • 12.07KG of SO2


We work with the ILO (International Labor Org) to make sure that all our farms are a fair work place

Some of our farmers are Syrian displaced families, we provide them with a decent environment to live in and a school for the children


Olive oil solid residues  are used as a heat source in heating water for farms, leaves are used to make compost, and no disposables are used in the process

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